Solar Energy

As one of the most well-known new and used car dealers in NJ, the staff at Gentilini Motors knows a thing or two about power. Gentilini Ford and Gentilini Chevrolet began to approach power in a whole new way by installing a 238 kW solar array at our Woodbine Ford dealership. Our decision to install the array came from a place of environmental responsibility. As some of the top NJ Ford and Chevy dealers, Gentilini Motors specializes in hybrid models like the Chevy Volt and the Ford Fusion Hybrid Series. This array was the logical next step in that environmental mentality. 
Combining a ground-mounted system with a rooftop array, Gentilini Motors worked with Bright Idea Energy to create a system that would not only make this family-owned business more environmentally responsible but also provide 60 percent of the building's total energy consumption from clean, renewable power. In order to get more than half of our dealership's power straight from the sun, the Bright Idea solar team had to install 1021 solar panels across rooftops and ground space, using a grid-tied system that can be directly metered on the side of the building. From the installation of the ground-mount system to the rooftop panels, the installation took 90 days, but was well worth the wait. 

The energy debate has excited us and our customers, who see our gas prices skyrocketing and want a way to fight back. Now, not only can we sell you a fuel efficient car, we can save energy while we do it. 

So far, the array has had a positive effect on business by reducing energy costs and by encouraging environmental responsibility in our communities. You can see the efficiency for your self in the live feed below. Click each tab to see all the real time information available for our Solar Project!  
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